Coachella Fashion Inspiration Maryam Gueramian

This year, my Coachella fashion inspiration comes from my current obsession with floral prints, fringe and tassels and daring to combine them all into one fun outfit. I like florals because of their girly/happy vibe. Tassels and fringe are fun and perfect for twirling around and doing a shimmy shake ūüėČ

Fringe accentuates the rock & roll feel of this jacket. The floral pants give the outfit an easy breezy feel. The feather and shell drop earring add to the boho vibe and the feeling of being one with nature. The heels are ultra comfortable while adding a few inches to my height and I like bold lip colors because they add a spark to my face. 

Overall, my main¬†Coachella fashion inspiration is¬†the free spirit, care free vibe. It's amazing how different styles can bring out different sides of your being. I tend to be serious in business and during some of my day to day interactions, which is why I really like the bohemian style in particular because it brings out my inner free spirit. I can just see it in my face by just looking at these images. So I'm really looking forward to 3 care-free days in the desert this weekend! As Rumi said, "Beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. Meet me there." ūüôā¬†



Street Style

Festival Fashion

Fringe JacketOutfit Details

Top: Get Knitted Crop Top from Private Cartel

Pants: Floral Drawstring Palazzo Pants by Private Cartel

Get the shoes and similar jacket below.

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