Abgineh Museum: Glassware & Ceramic Museum of Tehran

This past summer, I visited my motherland of Iran after 9 years! It was strange but also very exciting to be back. I definitely felt like a foreigner in my own land. One of my main goals for my visit, besides seeing old friends and extended family, was to play tourist and visit all the […]

NBA Finals 2016 Game 7 Warriors Cavaliers

Warriors fan girl 😉 Flew from Los Angeles dressed in a yellow dress from @PrivateCartel blue heels and a chain ring bracelet by @ConfianceShop. This past Sunday night, I got to witness the making of NBA history as Cavaliers took the lead from the Warriors with only  minute left on the buzzer and won their […]

Coachella Fashion Inspiration|Floral Fringe Tassel

This year, my Coachella fashion inspiration comes from my current obsession with floral prints, fringe and tassels and daring to combine them all into one fun outfit. I like florals because of their girly/happy vibe. Tassels and fringe are fun and perfect for twirling around and doing a shimmy shake 😉 Fringe accentuates the rock […]

International Women’s Day Celebration Through Art

This past weekend, I participated in the second annual Viva La Muxer event in celebration of International Women’s Day and a benefit for Las Fotos Project, as the only Iranian artist. Although Los Angeles is a melting pot of many different ethnicities and cultures, intercultural collaboration is still not practiced as much as it should be. […]

Oscar Viewing Party at the Beverly Hilton

Last night, I was invited to attend the 26th Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Party hosted by Narby Walters at the Beverly Hilton. A massive line of guests awaited to enter the ballroom as some of Hollywood’s notable celebrities, producers and directors walked the red carpet with flashing camera lights all around. As we were […]