Abgineh Museum: Glassware & Ceramic Museum of Tehran

October 20, 2016

This past summer, I visited my motherland of Iran after 9 years! It was strange but also very exciting to be back. I definitely felt like a foreigner in my own land. One of my main goals for my visit, besides seeing old friends and extended family, was to play tourist and visit all the historic sights in Tehran. I really wanted to immerse myself in the history and culture of the city. I must admit that this desire was in part inspired by the highly popular TV show, Shahrzad, that portrays life in Tehran during the 50's. So on a scorching hot August day, I set path on a journey of exploring the old city. As I was walking around, I noticed a sign from the right corner of my eye that read Abgineh Museum: Glassware & Ceramic Museum of Tehran. I took a few steps forward and I had to take a second look at what was on my right. Is this magnificent old mansion, the museum? I knew it must have a fascinating story behind it so without any hesitation, I made my way inside the 7,000 square meter garden that surrounded it and was welcomed by the museum clerk who not...

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