Last night, I was invited to attend the 26th Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Party hosted by Narby Walters at the Beverly Hilton. A massive line of guests awaited to enter the ballroom as some of Hollywood’s notable celebrities, producers and directors walked the red carpet with flashing camera lights all around. As we were waiting on a couple of more people in our group before entering the ballroom, I stepped outside to snap some photos of my outfit for the night.

oscars 2016 maryam gueramian

As it was my first time attending an Oscar party, I chose to go for a classy, simple elegant look. I didn’t want to overdress but I didn’t want to underdress either so I thought this flowy chiffon maxi wrap dress was the perfect option and that royal blue color, well, gave it “royal” elegance. There’s just something about deep blues and greens that automatically hook me in. Another thing I loved about this dress, besides being able to eat comfortably without worrying about sticking my stomach in afterwards, was that although it had a loose fit, the wrapping around the waist showed off my waist line perfectly and gave the outfit a formfitting look. Fun fact: you can tied the boy in the front or on the side to create different looks.

oscars 2016 maryam gueramian

Since I went for the Old Hollywood/Royal glamour look, it was appropriate to carry my mom’s vintage Dior clutch. I absolutely love this clutch and was so excited when I saw that she had left it for me the last time she visited. It is truly a timeless piece that never goes out of style. Maybe one day, I’ll have a daughter who will pose with it on the trending social media app of her time and write about it too 🙂  Last but not least, I had to add a touch of Maryam to the outfit by doing my own hair an makeup as I always do, AND wearing jewelry from my own collection, Confiance.

maryam gueramian in pearl evil eye necklace confiance jewelry The pearls, pyrites and lapis lazuli stones with that Egyptian eye charm were just the perfect match for the dress. AND I had the perfect bracelet to go with the dress too.It’s not too noticeable in the photos but here’s what it looks like.

Confiance Jewelry Evil Eye Chain Ring Bracelet








Isn’t it crazy how sometimes, the universe is on your side, the stars align (pun intended) and everything just works out perfectly?! Or maybe it is just a proven fact that when you put your mind into what you want and envision it, you get it. I was so stressed about what to wear. I had no idea what I was wearing until 2 hours before the event. All I knew was the look I wanted to go for and my eagerness to wear my mom’s vintage Dior clutch.

Alas, the moment came to walk into the ballroom. The venue was set up in a way that made you feel you are actually at the Oscar’s. The room featured round tables all around and black walls with shining stars behind massive TV screens. There was even a silent auction room featuring signed memorabilia, paintings of Picasso and the alike. We were also served a 3 course meal by very courteous servers. My favorite part of the meal? The dessert of course… But the highlight of the night was when Julianne Moore announce, “and the award goes to… Leonardo Di Caprio!” Everyone in the ballroom started clapping, as if they were at the show and Leo was there. I was so happy he FINALLY won an Oscar! I had a hunch he would. It was about time and everyone n the media was talking about. It just had to happen. Most notably though was his use of the stage as a platform to shed light on the issue of global warming and the importance of protecting the Indigenous people and their lands. I was so impressed by how well spoken he was. He sure moved up on my list of favorite actors. The older I get, the more I’m drawn to people who are not only passionate about what they do, but those who also show compassion for others and make it their duty to have a positive impact on the world. Sure, we all like eye candy. Who doesn’t? But add brain and empathy and you’ve got a gold package.

Maryam Gueramian Beverly Hilton Night of 100 Stars

The take away from this post is that even though the Oscar’s is the night to shine and turn heads in revealing gowns and even though I knew there would be many beautiful girls and women all glammed up in shiny and crystal studded gowns at the party, I decided to go for the total opposite look; a look of class and simple elegance. And when I had multiple girls my age and older women come up to me and say that I am the best dressed person among everyone at the Oscar party, I knew I had made the right choice. Thank you mom for the encouragement! I will always remember Oscar 2016 as the night where I decided to continue to distinguish myself from the masses through simple elegance and class. I saw a meme recently that said, “In a world full of Kardashians, be Diana.” You guessed it… I want to be the Diana and hope to inspire more young women to be Diana as well.

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