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All Parts Of The Universe Are In Love: Today and Always

"If the sky were not in love,

it would never be clear

and let the light shine

through its chest.

And if the sun were not in love,

no light would emanate

from her face.

If the earth and the mountains

were not in love

just a little,

no plant would grow

from within them.

If the ocean

did not know love,

it would come to rest somewhere

and no longer rise and fall.

Be a lover as they are,

that you may come to know love;

be faithful,

so that you may see faith.

Heaven could not take custody

of this great enterprise;

it was in love, to be sure -

but afraid it might go astray." ~ #Rumi

Verses from poem #: 2674

Translation by: Omid Arabian

Mixed Media on Canvas
Heart Wide Open No Matter What

What Rumi is essentially telling us is that #Love is the glue that binds us to all entities and ultimately to the source of life. He paints a beautiful visual in our heart's mind, of the limitless power of love.

If you think about it, all of the entities Rumi mentions work harmoniously from a state of unconditional love to keep our planet functioning, as it should. Could you imagine what life would be like if any one of these elements stopped loving? If the sun decided to stop rising, there will consequently be no moon to light up the night sky either. Without the sun, plants will eventually die. Without plants, animals will starve and without plants and animals, us humans will starve. Y'all get the point or shall we keep going? What’s interesting is that all parts of the universe are automatically in love and continue to be. Us humans however have the choice to decide whether we want to live in love or not. So why is it that majority of us choose to break the universal harmony? Is it because society has programmed us to live in a constant state of fear and readiness to face adversities and to believe that our mind and logic are superior to our heart? So we start to doubt the power of love and associate it with weakness and proceed to build walls greater than China’s around ourselves to appear tough. We overfill our minds with doubt, fear and outside influences. We become obsessed with controlling situations and we mess with the divine order and consequently end up harming ourselves.

As we celebrate (or not) #ValentinesDay today and as cliché as it may sound, let’s all make a promise to ourselves to celebrate every day as a day of love. To truly open our hearts; to view all aspects of our lives (the good the bad and the ugly) from heart shaped lenses; to make room for love to enter; to let go of control and to ride the flow of life with absolute trust that it will take us where we intend on going.

As Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you’ve built around it.” So let's break those silly barriers and let love find us. And when it does, let's share it with others and start a circular love revolution as all the elements in the universe. Wouldn’t that make for a much rosier world?

GIF created by Diana Pietrzk

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