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"Death is our marriage with eternity." RIP Kobe Bryant

"On the day I die, when I'm being carried toward the grave, don't weep. Don't say, He's gone! He's gone.

Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets and the moon sets, but they're not gone.

Death is a coming together. The tomb looks like a prison, but it's really release into union.

The human seed goes down in the ground like a bucket into the well where Joseph is. It grows and comes up full of some imagined beauty.

Your mouth closes here, and immediately opens with a shout of joy there." #Rumi

I think what Rumi is telling us is to stop viewing death as a negative event and feeling bad for the ones who leave us physically. Because their higher self is the one who decided to join the unseen world. Our soul knows when it's time to free itself from its physical embodiment. Understanding this notion has made it much easier for me to accept death. While I feel sad for the family and friends who have to endure the void felt by the loss of their loved ones, I no longer feel sorry for the ones who decide to part with the physical world. I see it as their union with divinity and just because we can't see them in their physical form, it doesn't mean they are gone. I like to think of the sun as a life source and each one of us as a ray of sunshine. Our death is just a transition into the sunset and our union with where we came from. The sun will rise again and we will shine again too, just in a different form.

As I woke up to the shocking news of Kobe Bryant's unexpected passing this morning, I could't help but notice various signs that leads me to believe that Kobe's soul perhaps made the decision to leave the physical world and embark on his journey to eternity. His last tweet and Instagram posts were congratulatory messages to #LeBronJames for surpassing his record. LeBron James's post game interview last night essentially sounded like a eulogy to Kobe. Could it be that Kobe's higher self decided that he has already fulfilled his worldly purpose? That it's time to let someone else carry on his legacy? The mere thought of it gives me chills! He inspired an entire generation to strive to be the greatest at what they do. His charitable contributions reached beyond borders and his personal charity will continue to change the lives of thousands of inner-city kids.

Kobe's mouth may have closed here but I bet it's been wide open on the other side shouting with joy seeing the outpour of remembrance the world has been sharing about him. I also can't help but think that his daughter Gigi's soul decided to leave with him as well because the bond they shared here was too strong for her to carry on without him : (

As Rumi said, "Death is our marriage with eternity." #KobeBryant, your legacy will live on eternally here on planet earth, as your soul will be watching over Vanessa, your 3 other daughters, the rest of your family and friends and everyone you inspired. I bet you and Gigi will continue playing ball wherever you happen to be up in the unseen world.

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